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product transformation


applications based on older technologies and hardware that continues to provide core services to an organization is called legacy applications. legacy applications are plagued with large footprints and rigid architectures, making it impossible to add functionality, enhance performance or increase efficiencies.


our software development approach is a blend of agile and product line best practices and is focused on helping our clients achieve business outcomes faster than the competition.

best practices

  • harvest and reuse of existing assets.
  • incremental software delivery with well-defined milestones, to deliver quicker and with greater efficiency.
  • creation of tangible, representative, small scale proof of concepts ahead of every implementation cycle.

product management

product management is an essential part of the software development process which requires a combination of business and technology acumen to understand market needs and translate them into a well-defined roadmap of product features and functions that will help a company create a unique product. c2d soft has a well-defined approach to product management where it helps its clients get customer feedback, use them to elaborate on requirements and effectively manage the product release cycle.

full cycle product development

c2d soft has developed solutions to help its clients through the entire product development lifecycle. its strong focus on innovative technology solutions allows it to drive its client’s vision from development of quick prototypes to test feasibility to create sustainable ip solutions with flexible architectures.

be it writing use cases to designing flexible architectures and delivering innovative engineering services, we are able to provide expertise at every stage of the software development and testing process. by acting as an extension of our client’s r&d team and understanding their time pressures and constraints we add value in the process from gathering requirements, creating design specifications, to implementation, testing, release engineering, documentation and training.

product re-engineering and modernization

software development companies often need to re-engineer existing products to make them more maintainable and user friendly. we work closely with our clients to understand user requirements, system limitations, time constraints and other strategic considerations to develop solutions that provide a more flexible and modern architecture while reusing strategic assets. by focusing on usability and performance of the end product, we are able to deliver productivity and quality improvements while increasing system maintainability.

a combination of automated tools and manual techniques are used for software inspection, reorganization and reverse engineering. rigorous testing is carried out on the re-engineered solution to ensure robustness. world class documentation services are provided as part of the re-engineering solution.

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